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Our Mission

GG-Produce seeks to be a leader in the development of programs under contract and marketing of products to providing our customers with the highest quality, following national and international standards as well as customer requirements, one solution for every one of our customers with a commitment to service and attention to each one of our customers, staff and suppliers of our organization internally and externally.

Our vision

Become a solution in the development of the marketing of food to our customers and achieving of their goals, also always offering a product and an exceptional quality on service and standards of living of all our suppliers and partners who make up our company.


GG-Produce firmly we believe in moral ethics to support good business relationships for both our customers and suppliers.

To achieve this we strive and struggle with:

Commitment: Engaging for results,

Respect: To accept new ways of thinking

Honesty: To recognize our mistakes and successes,

Responsibility: Communicate clearly and precisely.

Integrity: Make the most of every activity.

Determination: Showing passion in what we do.